Attorney for family of late Cpl. Michael Middlebrook speaks out on family having to pay 125% increase in health insurance starting Monday

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Three weeks after the tragic death of Lafayette Police Corporal Michael Middlebrook, his family is dealing with another setback.

They'll have to pay 125% more for health insurance starting on Monday.

"While it just took seconds to end his life, on October the first, within 48 hours, the health insurance debacle as it's turning out to be, began," said Allyson Prejean, attorney for the Middlebrook family.

Prejean sent a letter Thursday to Mayor-President Joel Robideaux requesting more time to find a permanent solution to the family's health insurance.

"What they did end up doing was offering her (Middlebrook's wife) to remain on her policy but with 125% rate increase. We think it's shameful, we think it's unconscionable," Prejean said.

She gave us a letter from Paul Escott, the City-Parish attorney of Lafayette. In it, he states that the city denied giving an extension to Adrien Middlebrook's proposal of continued coverage as a retiree spouse and family.

"The message that sends is if an officer or fireman that serves us and protects us, dies in the line of duty, what LCG is telling them, is that we're not going to take care of you," said Prejean.

The City Council has held two special meetings to discuss the future of health benefits for Adrienne and her daughter, Violet Middlebrook, but to no avail yet.

Prejean says the time for talking is over, and they need to come to a decision soon on how to help Corporal Middlebrook's family and update these outdated policies.

"The fire and police officers that protect and serve our city, are basically being told don't die today because if you do, your family's health premiums go up 125%. That's the message LCG is sending to the first responders of our community," she said.

We reached out to LCG and did not get a comment on this matter at the time this article was published.

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