A day in the life of Congressman Clay Higgins

KLFY- Before he was a congressman, you may have known Clay Higgins as "The Cajun John Wayne", during his time as captain of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office.

Now he's settling into his new role representing Louisiana's 3rd congressional district, and his new week-day home in Washington D.C.

"I generally will have 7 or 8 meetings every day, with constituents that are coming through or groups that want to meet with me," Higgins says.

He says there's a couple of cycles of voting every day that he is required to attend throughout the day as well.

His day usually ends at around 10 or 11 at night, this, after reading an evening briefing from his staff and calling his wife back home.

Then he sleeps on an air mattress in his office, living where he works.

"On Friday nights I usually fly home. I usually arrive at around 10 or 11 o'clock, and then my plane leaves again Monday morning at 6 o' clock," Higgins explains.

During the weekend he visits not only with his wife but his German shepherds.

He'll barbecue with his son if he's off of work, and rides his Harley that he says gets dusty in his garage.

Maybe one of the biggest adjustments for the congressman is the food up in D.C.

He says some of the food is excellent up in the nation's capital, with some restaurants owned by people from Louisiana, but...

"They make their very best effort to reproduce some of our food and some of it is quite good. But I would not put it on the scale of restaurants we could find within just a mile or so around right here," Higgins says

Congressman Higgins says he is running for re-election next year.

He says he will continue to serve as long as his constituents in the 3rd district allow him to, but says he's going to focus on serving and leave everything else up to God.

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