Lafayette Police: Trauma kits played a major role in outcome of Grand 16 shooting

Carly Laing - Governor Bobby Jindal praised Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft for ordering lifesaving equipment that you can find inside trauma kits. Police are saying these kits played a major role in the outcome of Thursday night's shooting.

Lafayette police officers have only had the trauma kits for about six months and they used those first responder kits last Thursday during the Grand Theatre shooting.

Lafayette Police Training Coordinator, Ryan Richard says having the kits saved lives that night. "Officers not having any of this equipment or training, you're going to freeze up. And so with training, your mind will not take you where your body has not gone. By doing this I absolutely do think it helped save lives."

The training teaches officers how to react in a case of a mass trauma. Richard says police often arrive on a scene before paramedics or other trained first responders. The department felt it was necessary to prepare officers with hands-on training to handle extreme trauma situations. Because officers had the kits and were trained on how to use them, police were able to begin treating victims inside the theatre immediately.

Richard says, "The last thing we want is for our officers is not to be able to do anything. So we train them not only in here in lecture portion with a power point, but also out on the field doing scenarios, practical application, under stress."

Richard says each officer was issued a trauma kit. He says they were told to keep them in an accessible place so they could get to them quickly. "I think is a basic but very important kit. It's small you can carry it in one hand. It has all the necessary for extreme trauma."

Richard says Lafayette Police plans on using the trauma kits from here on out.

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