Lafayette family concerned attempted arson suspect will be released from jail

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) - A Lafayette family says they're afraid for their lives after a woman was arrested for attempted arson outside their home.  Rosanna Prejean of Lafayette was arrested and charged with the crime.

Prejean's bond has been set at $10,000.  Prejean is accused of trying to set a vehicle on fire outside a home on Eleventh Street in Lafayette Sunday.

Annette Levine says she was taken by surprise when she says Prejean walked up to the car with the grandchildren inside. Levine says Prejean preceded to try to set the vehicle on fire.

The Levine family say they're living a nightmare because the bond that's been set is not enough to keep Prejean behind bars and to keep them safe.  "She lit the match while the grand kids were in there. Fortunately, when she lit the match it hit the ground and died out," says Annette.

The Levine family say they're worried that Prejean may soon be able to get out of jail.  "The judge put her on a $10,000 bond. That is nothing.  She can get out by this afternoon.  What is my family supposed to do?  My family's life is in danger," adds Annette.

Annette says she has pictures showing what happened on Sunday. Levine says Prejean poured gas around the car and even poured gas on her.  "She's saying she didn't succeed on that so she is going to come back.  Those were her exact words.  She said I'm going to get you," says Annette.

Annette says she concerned about Prejean's mental health. "There was so much gas it was spilling on the ground," states Caffery.  "It's like out the movies.  I feel like I'm dreaming," adds Annette.

The Levine family say they've reached out for help from the District Attorney's office and even the judge.  The family is staying in a hotel for fear that Prejean will be released without their knowledge.  "I asked her what's wrong with you what are you doing that for.

She said you're the devil.  You're worshiping Satan and you're the devil.  I'm going to burn ya'll in her today," says Annette.

Anette and Caffery say Prejean lived next door to them five years ago.  They says they haven't seen her until the incident on Sunday.

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