Lafayette Consolidated Government holds Neighborhood Summit, Oct 19-20

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Happening in Acadiana today, a Neighborhood Summit being put on by Lafayette Consolidated Government. The summit which began yesterday, (Thursday), is a collaboration between several departments at LCG.

LCG took the initiative of creating a Neighborhood Summit, following recommendations from the Urban Land Institute's Resiliency Panel back in June. The summit focuses on sharing local government resources with individuals wishing to better their neighborhoods and neighborhood groups.

Panel discussions include members of the Lafayette Police Department, Community Development, and Planning, Zoning and Development Departments. On-site visitations to evaluate a number of projects within the community are also taking place.

"I think you, you know, our community is going to be stronger if, what we might call the building blocks- are strong and the neighborhoods and the historic neighborhoods of our community really make for a strong community," said Carlee Alm-Labar, Director of Zoning, Planning, and Development. "When and if we have resources to share with those really local leaders that are making an impact, we need to do it and we need to be communicating with them as much as possible," she added.

The summit continues today at the Lafayette Science Museum. Today's agenda takes an even deeper dive into LCG initiatives and evaluates what makes certain neighborhoods succeed.

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