KLFY takes a sneak peak behind the scenes of NCIS: New Orleans

Rob Macko - NEW ORLEANS (KLFY)—NCIS: New Orleans is probably the biggest hit prime time show on KLFY. That's not surprising considering it's filmed right here in Louisiana in the Crescent City, on location and in a sound stage.

NCIS: New Orleans is now in its third season on KLFY but it has a new time slot, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. right before news 10 at 10.

Scott Bakula, who plays NCIS Supervisory Special Agent Dwayne Pride, said there are and have been, some great new story lines this season.

"We're getting better. The show's getting better and I'm looking forward to hoping that that's appreciated." Said Bakula.

One big change this season will be, Zoe McLellan's part. She played NCIS Special Agent Meredith Brody but the character has left the show.

Now there's a new character, FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio, who will be played by Vanessa Ferlito.

According to Shalita Grant, who plays NCIS Special Agent Sonja Percy, said Ferlito fits right in.

"We got into a lot of trouble. We let a mole in, so DC's after us, they're trying to review us, trying to close down the team and she's part of the whole system and everything." Shalita Grant said, describing the new season.

Now if you've ever wanted to know what "NCIS" stood for, cast members say it stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

The NCIS is a real agency and there is also an office in New Orleans, but the show takes a fictional look at the agency.

While Bakula still lives in Los Angeles and commutes to NOLA, Rob Kerkovich who plays Forensic Scientist Sebastian Lund has made New Orleans his home.

"I love it." said Kerkovich, "New Orleans is great! It's a far cry from Los Angeles and Massachusetts which is where I had lived previously in my life." Kerkovich said the city has been very welcoming.

Throughout the show, the Crescent City is prominently showcased in each show, essentially one of the characters.

Speaking of characters, the show's main character, "Pride" is based on a real guy. Former NCIS Agent D'Wayne Swear. His current role is the show's consultant.

"I'm the basis for the character." Said Swear, "If I would have had these many homicides I would have went back to the sheriff's office."

Swear said at one time, he was the only NCIS agent from Louisiana. He said NCIS protects the Sailors and Marines based in and around New Orleans. The agency also works closely with police and sheriff's offices in and around the city.

The TV Show has plenty of murders and cases often solved in the course of one episode, but that's not realistic. Swear tells KLFY that even though the cases are solved so fast, he tries to help the production make things as real as possible.

"The actors truly want to depict the NCIS organization, correctly, and they're very attentive to detail so what I enjoy is just working with them and mentoring them." Swear added.

Swear said he's honored to be part of the show's crew.

Next week KLFY will look at how the cast and crew stepped up to help after the August floods.

You can also watch NCIS: New Orleans tonight at 9 p.m. right here on KLFY.

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