Habitat for Humanity of Lafayette planing to build 13 new houses

Brooke Silverang -  

Habitat for Humanity of Lafayette is planning to build 13 houses from the ground up. These will be the future home subdivision off of East Pinhook and Magnolia.


The organization links up with other organizations like McComb Veazey Neighborhood Coterie to find out which areas could use some spicing up.

Tina Vingham, the Executive Vice President of McComb Veazey says, "The Coterie is comprised of businesses, residents, and people who generally care about the well-being of our neighborhood. So we all come together and we meet to figure out what kind of programs will be needed in the community."

Community involvement is what Habitat for Humanity is all about. These homes will have two, thee, or four bedrooms depending on the size of the family.

This house in particular will be the home of a single mother and her three children. It will have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and beautiful porches to sit out on. It will be completed and ready to move into by spring of 2016.

Homeowners are designated for almost all of the 13 houses that will be built. The whole project is looking to be completed over the next few years.

Melinda Taylor, Executive Director for Lafayette's Habitat for Humanity says "The homeowners are all different compositions, all different shapes, and sizes, but all of them share in common that they need a decent place to live and they're willing to work hard for it and that they are willing to make monthly payments and help somebody else get the same benefit that they received."

Future homeowners help build houses for themselves and for others.

Melinda tells us "Our homeowners are paying it forward so what they benefit from is zero interest loan at no cost. They pay that back and we recycle the payments to build more houses.

Brandi Brady who is a Site Supervisor says, "Our future homeowners are awesome. They do a great job. It's really cool to know the people you are doing this service for and with.

Habitat for Humanity also linked up with University of Lafayette's architecture students to come up with a design.

They are always looking for new volunteers.

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