6 hour standoff ends peacefully in Lafayette

KLFY Carly Laing - This quiet neighborhood became a crime scene Sunday afternoon when a man barricaded himself inside in his home.

Many neighbors were surprised to look out their windows and see their peaceful neighborhood filled with police cars and the SWATteam.

"It's very uncommon. It really is normally a very quiet neighborhood."" Said Seth Costley.

A resident at 112 Rue De Jardin Road refused to come out of his home after

police came to serve an Order of Protective custody and 6 felon warrants.

Seth Costley, lives next door to the suspect he says the neighbors know little about who he is.

"We would see him up constantly at night always working on a vehicle. He'll stay up weeks at a time. he just wouldn't sleep."" Said Costley.

Lafayette police tell us the suspect is a 31 year old male.

During the standoff the negotiator referred to him as "Joshua" several times.

Two people were removed from the home during the standoff.

Their identities have not yet been released.

"They got a negotiator to come out and just constantly talking to him trying to get him to come out. after about four hours he finally came out." Said Costley.

Around 5:45 the suspect walked out of the house and the standoff ended peacefully.

He was taken into custody by the Lafayette Police Department.

"The part that really caught us off guard is that it's normally really quiet out here. Police don't really show up and then bam this stuff happened today."" Said Costley.

The house was cleared later Sunday afternoon. The investigation is still on going.

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