KLFY - Visiting with John Chastant, your lawn and garden alright no introductions we'll get right into it, what the heck is this?

It looks like it's mean huh? This is a meat seasoning syringe, we sell a lot by the holidays, you know this right here if you going with liquids, you'd use this needle here, going in the blender, you know you'd put this one on, and it does a great job. As you're seasoning the meat, you're pushing it in the cavity, it does a great job. And you know out of the garden you have peppers, onion tops, onions, the shallots, all that you can put in there. And at this time of the years we also have sweet potatoes, which everybody loves at this time of the year. These are good, these are the Beauregard sweet potato everybody loves them

Any difference between other sweet potatoes? They're just a little sweeter. Which everybody likes, but the rest of the garden is doing good. I have the carrots growing and broccoli, cabbage, and all of that. And you can still plant now if you want. Some more cabbage buy seeds, lettuces, radishes, things like that, and shallots.

Ok lets get back to this right here you sell these? Pretty popular? Oh yes, very much, especially during thanks giving, they're seasoning their big turkey's and everything. So you really need to put the seasoning to a big piece of meat like that. Works great. Alright, that's another addition to your lawn and garden head on over to Chastant brothers.


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