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Louisiana Heart Health: The Numbers that Matter

“When you know better, you do better.”  Maya Angelou said it, and regardless of context, it always seems applicable.  When it comes to heart health, knowledge comes from understanding your own risk for heart disease and heart-related health complications, and the “do better” comes from taking that knowledge and using it to combat heart health risks head on.  In short, when you understand your heart’s risk, you can protect it.  So, how can you determine exactly what your risk level is?  Well, there are a few factors, but let’s startwith the basics: your numbers.                                                 

There are four big numbers that are strong indicators of heart health problems to come.  Here is the breakdown, along with what numbers you should be shooting for:

Heart Disease Risk Factors in Louisiana: 3 Key Indicators

In South Louisiana, you’ll find that people are passionate about a lot.  Down here, there is a pervasive love of music, football, good company, and food.  With Mardi Gras just around the corner, king cake officially becomes part of the Louisiana food pyramid, with crawfish gearing up to take its spot as well.  Music festivals and parades will soon begin dotting calendars and long hot days mean spending weekends outdoors in the Sportsman’s Paradise.  The passion of Louisiana is what has led its citizens to be considered among the happiest in the nation.  Still, there is room for improvement.

With food, daiquiris, and a good time comes some problems that are decidedly less joyous.  Currently, our fine state is ranked 5th highest in the nation for cardiovascular-related deaths, with heart disease being our number one killer.  Despite these alarming facts, very few give much consideration to heart disease, their own risk factors, and the measures needed to aid in prevention. 

Here are three major factors that can help you determine your own level of risk:

South Louisiana: 5 Tips To Stay Heart Healthy
Despite its strength and longevity, the heart can be vulnerable in ways you may not have imagined. Consider for a moment that heart disease is the largest health threat to every single American adult who is otherwise healthy. It is the leading cause of death among men, women, African Americans, Caucasians, and Hispanics, claiming more lives every single year than all forms of cancer combined. Fortunately, the risk for heart disease can be greatly reduced with the implementation of some healthy lifestyle choices. Just a few simple changes, and you can significantly improve your heart health, while feeling better than ever before. 

Learn five tips to stay heart healthy this year: